Type of Treatments


Physical Therapy is a facility that exercises hands on manipulation in a patient’s treatment. It is aimed towards the healing of hypertonic (tight) muscles, pain throughout the musculoskeletal system and conditions. It involves various effective techniques (for further information see techniques) Each treatment is catered for each individual case. All physical therapy treatments are completed with an exclusive rehabilitation program with expert advice to help prevent further injury.


Massage is a perfect way to eradicate any niggles, aches or pains within your muscles. It promotes recovery and healing and assists in loosening up tight muscles. Massage manipulates both superficial and deep muscles and the body’s connective tissue. We offer 3 types of massage: sports massage, deep tissue massage.

Sports Massage

Is a special form of massage and is typically used before during and after athletic events. It assists in enhancing endurance and reducing the risk of injury.

  • Is beneficial and favorable with cyclists, runners, triathletes and for the athlete who trains continuously.
  • You do not need to be athletic to avail of this service.

Deep tissue massage

Is tailored to work deep into the problem areas within an achy muscle. Specific techniques are used and it is effective for the person that suffers with chronic knots or tension.It is similar to swedish massage however the pressure is increased in order to reach deeper muscles.